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For the health of your joints
The Arthrobene® family supports health conscious people taking personal responsibility for their body. The naturally occurring ingredients are combined according to a formulation developed by medical specialists and the quality is controlled by pharmacists.This constant quality assurance guarantees superior results.

Arthrobene® Plus Joint Capsules are the ideal food supplement for the protection of cartilage, bone and connective tissue, and to improve the lubrication of the joints. Arthrobene® Plus Joint Capsules contain a specially formulated combination of nutrients for the special needs of highly stressed joints. The capsules contain natural regenerative nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin C, manganese as well as coral powder and galactolipids from rosehip.

Sport is our passion!
2017 the Arthrobene® family has gained a new member: Arthrobene® Sport with Oxystorm® ensures quick retrievability of your performance before, after and during your sports activity. Now you can supply your body - thanks to the practical stick pack – anytime and anywhere, sugar free and without doping subtances. And for your recovery after your power work out? Arthrobene® Sport COOL DOWN soothing for muscles and joints!